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The most important things about dealing with stress

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Stress is a state of strain that can be very demanding on the human body, both mentally and physically. In the following article, the team of experts at explains how you can deal with stress and whether it is really only ever bad.

Positive and negative effects of stress
Stress has become an everyday companion for a person living in the 21st century. Each of you has certainly been in a stressful situation at some point. Usually this is not a pleasant feeling and you often feel pressured by the stress. However, this feeling of stress does not always have to have only negative effects. In certain situations it even helps you to focus and concentrate better. This can be during sports (for example, during an important game), when completing an important task at work on time, or when writing a school paper.

However, if you are continuously stressed for too long, this can have negative consequences for both your psyche and your body. People who feel stressed often or regularly are more easily irritable and more often tired or exhausted. If the stress lasts too long, it can even have serious consequences such as loss of appetite, insomnia or nausea.

How to best deal with stress
So what can you do against stress? It is important that you concentrate on harmonizing your body, your brain and your consciousness. In the following, we will give you three short tips that can help you deal with stress better:

  • Relaxation: The aim of relaxation is, as the term “ENT tension” already suggests, to reduce tension. This is intended to bring body and mind back into harmony. For this reason, relaxation techniques such as autogenic training, meditation or yoga are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Sleep: Sufficient and restful sleep is extremely important. Only in this way can your body and mind recover and your brain process the daily experience. Make sure that you sleep exclusively in your bed. Avoid doing other activities in bed (such as browsing social media or watching television).
  • Exercise: Regular exercise – preferably outdoors in nature – is central to successful stress management. However, you do not have to exercise for several hours every day until you are exhausted. Sport and exercise in general will help you the most if you do not overdo it. It doesn’t matter whether you lift weights in the gym, do yoga or go jogging in the forest. The possibilities for reducing your stress level through exercise are almost limitless.

Very briefly:
Stress has become a constant companion for most people. But this does not always have to be negative. Nevertheless, you should make sure that you relax regularly and keep your average stress level as low as possible. Whether it’s a walk in the woods, getting enough sleep or a regular yoga class – body, brain and consciousness can be brought into harmony in many ways. You simply have to take the time to do it.

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