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Strong roots for healthy CBD hemp plants Part 1

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For your CBD hemp plants to thrive properly, a healthy root base is essential. How you can ensure this is explained in more detail in this and the next article by

No life without roots
Basically every part of the CBD hemp plant is important. However, the roots are of particular importance. Only if they are healthy, the CBD-hemp plant is doing really well. The main task of the roots is to absorb the necessary nutrients and water for the plant. Without these two components the CBD-hemp plants cannot grow properly and it can lead to reduced growth, yellowing of the stems and leaves, disease or even death of the CBD-hemp plants.

Dangers in everyday life

A problem known to all beginners in CBD cultivation is overwatering. If you constantly water your plants and your pots are always moist, the plants will never be able to survive a so-called dry period. This can lead to reduced oxygen uptake and root rot. In addition, malformations, withered leaves, loss of color, reduced growth or even the death of individual plants can occur as a result of too much watering. The most common cause of overwatering is poor water drainage from the growing pot. It is therefore best to use pots with small holes at the bottom and place a small plate or saucer under the pot. This will allow the water to drain slowly out of the pot and will prevent it from accumulating in the root area.

When the leaves become stiff and curl down, this is a sign of overwatering. In this state the plant tries to absorb as much water as possible. This can eventually cause the cells of the leaves to burst. To avoid the risk of overwatering your plants in the first place, there is a very simple trick: regularly stick a finger up to about halfway into the soil. If the soil around your fingertip feels dry, you should water your CBD hemp plant again. If the soil still feels damp, you should wait to water it.

Excessive addition of nutrients:
Another mistake that many beginners in CBD cultivation make is the excessive addition of nutrients. This means too intensive fertilization. The roots are not damaged directly. However, too much fertilization, especially with chemicals, can lead to salt formation in your growing pot. This in turn prevents the roots from being able to absorb nutrients at all. As a result, your CBD hemp plants are damaged and a nutrient deficiency occurs, although there would actually be enough nutrients in the soil. For this reason, it is very important that you check your growing pot regularly for possible salt build-up and that you rinse and clean it immediately if you find traces of such contamination.

Growth space of the roots:
Another important factor is the size of the container in which you plant your CBD hemp seeds. Since the CBD cannabis plant is a fast-growing plant, it requires a large container to provide enough room to grow. A container that is too small will cause the roots of the plant to exhaust the capacity of the pot too quickly. This in turn prevents the plant from storing water and absorbing nutrients. The consequences are also reduced growth, yellowing of the leaves and dehydration.

However, we also advise against using a pot that is too large. Although such a pot offers sufficient capacity for growth, there is again the danger of overwatering, as the roots are much too small and underdeveloped for such a container. This means that they are not able to absorb the water in the whole pot, which in turn creates the risk of root rot.

Very briefly:
Healthy roots are essential for an optimal growth of your CBD-hemp plant. You must be careful not to overwater or over-fertilise your plants. Also the right size of the growing pot is crucial for the successful growth of your CBD-hemp plant.

In the next article, will explain to you which temperatures are optimal for the growth of the roots of CBD-hemp plants and which pests exist which can hinder the growth.

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