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Storage of hemp concentrates and hemp food

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Moisture, direct exposure to light, excessive sunlight, high humidity and heat affect the quality of your hemp products. In addition, mildew, mold or insects can infest your stock. Under the right conditions, however, hemp can be kept almost indefinitely. However, the prerequisite for this is that the product is of perfect quality. In the following article, explains everything you need to know about the correct storage of your hemp products.

The correct storage of cannabinoid-free hemp concentrates
Cannabinoid-free hemp concentrates can be stored well in silicone containers, airtight containers or jars. Silicone containers are particularly suitable for short-term storage. Care should be taken to ensure that the container is neither too large nor too small. This precaution prevents moisture from accumulating. Concentrates can be stored for a good month in an airtight container. For this purpose, they should be wrapped in parchment paper or a resealable plastic bag. Glassware is also a good container – whether for storage in the refrigerator or in the pantry. Sticky materials should also be wrapped in parchment paper beforehand so that they do not stick to the glass. Frozen, you can store cannabinoid-free hemp concentrates without loss of quality or aroma. However, you must freeze the concentrate without excess air, so that no moisture can be created by temperature fluctuations. Make sure to defrost the concentrate slowly.

The correct storage of hemp food
Food made of or with hemp is best kept in the refrigerator – especially if it has been made with oil, sugar or flour. This prevents the formation of mold. For hemp products suitable for consumption, you should also pay attention to the best before date and storage instructions. Avoid plastic if possible and use wax paper or aluminum foil. The packed hemp food is best put in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Cannabutter, for example, is best kept in an airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer, while edible oils based on hemp seeds should be stored in a dark place away from heat. When using such edible oil, always make sure that the hemp seed oil is only slightly heated and does not start to boil.

Tips for the storage of hemp food:

  • Avoid highly translucent vessels.
  • Avoid plastic bags and use glass or silicone containers instead.
  • Store your hemp food in a dark place protected from heat.
  • Always wash your hands before packing cannabinoid-free hemp concentrates. This prevents bacteria from infesting your concentrate.
  • Label self-packed hemp products with the packaging date.
  • Buy only products from reputable dealers and vendors.

How you know that your hemp food is spoiled
If you find drops of condensation or signs of mildew and mold or if your hemp products have discolored, you should dispose of them immediately. Care should also be taken with odorless, brittle, rough or dry products.

Very briefly:
For cannabinoid-free hemp concentrates as well as for hemp food, it is important that you attach great importance to the correct storage. However, despite correct storage, it can happen that your hemp products become contaminated and thus inedible. In case of doubt, you should rather be too careful and dispose of your hemp product.

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