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Irrigation of CBD hemp plants part 1

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A very often underestimated, but nevertheless important factor for the successful cultivation of CBD hemp plants is the right watering. What you have to pay attention to when watering your plants and which mistakes you should avoid, will be explained in the following article by

The right amount of water
The water requirement of a CBD hemp plant depends on its size and age. While young specimens need very little water, larger and stronger CBD hemp plants, which already have a large and strong root system, have a much higher water demand. In concrete terms this means: water a young CBD hemp plant every 2-4 days and an older, stronger one every day.

The right cultivation materials
In addition to proper irrigation, you should also make sure that you use the right cultivation materials. Especially the choice of the right pot/container and the right soil is crucial for a successful cultivation of CBD hemp plants. In nutrient-rich and airy soil, in which additionally a good drainage is possible, CBD hemp thrives best. Therefore, it is essential that the pots/containers you use have holes in the ground to allow excess water to drain off easily and prevent overwatering.

It is essential to use an earth mixture suitable for CBD hemp plants. It is therefore best to use a compact soil mixture that retains moisture longer. But be careful: Long lasting moisture can lead to pest infestation, nutrient blockages or to mold and root rot. Therefore, make sure that the moisture does not accumulate too much despite the just recommended earth mixture. To avoid this problem, you should regularly check the drainage in your cultivation containers. guides you briefly through the most important steps in the following section.

The correct checking of the drainage
Wait a few minutes after watering your CBD hemp plants. If the water still has not drained off, this indicates a problem with your drainage. The same applies if the water has run off superficially after a few minutes, but the soil itself is still moist after several days. However, you can easily counteract this by adding perlite to your soil, for example. The addition of this rock makes the soil mixture airier and improves the drainage capacity of your cultivation containers noticeably.
Invest enough time in preparing the right soil mix and in the optimal drainage capacity in your containers – your healthy and vigorously growing CBD hemp plants will thank you for it.

Very briefly:
Water your CBD plants according to their age: younger plants every 2-4 days, older specimens daily. Also make sure that you use a nutrient-rich and water-permeable soil mixture. Additionally, check the drainage capacity of your growing containers every day.

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