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News from the world of hemp – Episode 2

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Dear readers of the magazine.

After providing you with a news overview on “Legalization efforts underway worldwide” last week, this week we turn our attention to the topic of “Medical Cannabis – A rapidly growing market”.

German pharmaceutical entrepreneur Clemens Fischer and his Vertanical GmbH are in the process of developing a cannabis medicine for back pain. The German pharmaceutical entrepreneur’s goal is to offer sufferers an alternative to the many opioid drugs on the market with his pain medication. If all clinical trials go as planned, the drug could be sold in the EU as early as 2023. The former Novartis employee is investing a total of 100 million euros in the development of his drug.


* * *

Stada Arzneimittel AG, one of Germany’s largest pharmaceutical companies, is another big player that entered the cannabis market a few months ago. The Hessian company plans to launch a total of 5 flower varieties and 3 different CBD and THC extracts by the end of 2021. On the one hand, the offer of the established German company is aimed at patients suffering from chronic pain. On the other hand, it is intended to find application in the fields of oncology and neurology


* * *

As one of the first Swiss cantons, Basel-Stadt will allow the medical dispensing of cannabis from mid-2022. As part of the pilot cannabis trials planned throughout Switzerland, selected pharmacies in the city of Basel will be able to dispense cannabis to registered consumers*. A few days ago, the city of Basel approved a credit of 300,000 Swiss francs for the duration of 3 years. The Basel project is accompanied by the University Psychiatric Clinics Basel and the Department of Clinical Research (DKF) of the University Hospital Basel and the Medical Faculty of the University of Basel.


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