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3 Questions for the COO of

Dear readers of cread. We would like to introduce you to the faces behind and our online magazine cread in more detail. Today, the insight behind the scenes takes the form of a short interview. For this purpose, our COO Michael Hoffmann has answered the questions of the cread editorial team.

cread: Mr. Hoffmann, it has now been just under 2 days since the first TV spot aired on Swiss television. What emotions come up when you think about the moment of the first broadcast?

Michael Hoffmann:

A lot of joy and relief. I felt like a little kid before Christmas just before the broadcast. It’s a great feeling when you’ve worked for two years for a moment and then it finally happens.

On the other hand, my own expectations have risen sharply since the broadcast. I expect a lot from the broadcast of the really successful TV commercials, because there’s a lot more behind a TV commercial than you would expect as a consumer in front of the TV. From the lighting, the sound and the camera to the protagonists: every detail, no matter how small, has to be right for the final product to come across convincingly.

I was there from A to Z during the entire shoot and was able to follow the great performance of the entire production team live. Now to see the finished product on TV makes me very proud.

cread: The project has changed a lot in the course of the last 2 years and has developed steadily. Where do you think will be in 2 years?

Michael Hoffmann:

I think in 2 years we will have already penetrated the European market and greatly expanded our range, especially in the area of cosmetics & body care. Furthermore, I see us even more involved in the areas of research & product development around the topic of cannabis.

cread: Finally, a personal question: where do you see yourself in 2 years?

To be honest, I have never asked myself this question. I as a private person take each day as it comes. I will certainly continue to be fully committed to and hope that I can continue to be completely satisfied and happy in my private life.

cread: Thank you very much for taking a moment of your time.

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