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Feast with hemp – Episode 2

Since recently, the webshop carries an expanded hemp food assortment. We now find, in addition to the already known teas and cooking oils, hemp spreads and hemp pasta, hemp seeds and hemp flour.

So far everything is clear: prepare hemp pasta according to the instructions on the package, pour off the water and mix the pasta with a Basil organic hemp pesto or a Spicy organic hemp pesto, ready. Tastes great, somehow healthy, if you can say so, nutty say some, delicately reminiscent of fine herbs or the familiar green pasta say others. I especially like the fact that the Basil organic hemp pesto has a hint of garlic, but in my opinion just a hint. Which I appreciate enormously – and so do any interlocutors later in a boardroom. Don’t be afraid of the Spicy Organic Hemp Pesto, it too is very delicate as far as spiciness goes. You always have the option to expand the hemp pesto sauce, whether it’s via squeezing some more garlic into it, or flattening the spicy hemp pasta with a dollop of sour cream or mascarpone on top, or adding chopped fresh chilies in the opposite direction.

Do you cook pasta fairly bubbly? For the hemp pasta, I recommend taking it a little more leisurely. They will otherwise tatter towards the end of the cooking time, which would be a shame, they are eye-catching with the green color. Remember, they will still cook a bit after you drain them, you still want to mix with the hemp sauce. Or not, they also taste wonderful on their own, as a side dish with a not too hearty meat or fish (if you want to give the nutty flavor of the hemp pasta the podium place).  Try it with a decent sip of the Spicy organic hemp cooking oil from tossed underneath!

In “Feast with Hemp – Episode 1” I announced a salmon fillet with hemp pesto sauces in a sandwich. It’s quickly told: Get two large and thick raw salmon fillets without skin, wash and dry them, spread on one salmon fillet half-and-half generously Basil Organic Hemp Pesto as well as Spicy Organic Hemp Pesto (do not mix, divide). Place the second piece of salmon fillet on top to cover. Bed the “sandwich” in a baking dish rubbed with Spicy Organic Hemp Cooking Oil and off to the oven. Interval cook if you have this function, otherwise add two small bowls of hot water. Temperature not higher than 160°, also because of the Spicy Organic Hemp Cooking Oil, which, like many good oils, starts to suffer at temperatures around 180° and higher. Depending on the thickness of the fillets and the oven temperature, you will need to allow 40-60 minutes of cooking time. If you have enough time, you could also keep only 100° – 120° in the oven, or even cook at a low temperature, I imagine that the fish and the hemp pesto sauces would unite more intensely. The cooking time would increase accordingly. If the fish is of appropriate quality, it may be just a little more than lukewarm on the inside for me, but you’ll have to judge for yourself.

If you want, season the top of the fish sandwich, I don’t feel it’s necessary. Side dishes? Mediterranean vegetables, just cooked along in the oven, why not in the same baking dish around them, or separately. White rice, or a crispy bread with hemp flour and hemp seeds from! I would like to write about this in the “Feast with hemp – Episode 3“, or about the hemp cookies, which have also done it to me. And there’s the hemp pasta with Spicy organic hemp pesto with beef and cherry tomatoes. I haven’t decided yet.

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