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Feast with hemp – Episode 3

In the webshop under the category hemp food you will find organic hemp flour, organic hemp seeds peeled and organic hemp seeds unpeeled. Unless you are looking in or browsing the website immediately stuck to one of our gift baskets: the hemp food gift basket. Because I like it so much and it is a guarantee for an extraordinary gift, I allow myself a little “surreptitious advertising” here and present its proud appearance:

Geschenkkorb mit verschiedenen Produkten

Maybe treat yourself to the basket, when was the last time you gave yourself a special gift?

You will find in each size of the hemp food gift basket, whether as a set small, set large or set mega, also the ingredients to tackle uses according to «Feast with hemp – Episode 2».

I digressed again, I actually want to introduce you to one of my favorite cookies: thick and crunchy Chocolate Chips Cookies! However, somewhat modernized, which means enriched with ingredients from hemp, further developed, modified … say what you will: I tell this pastry simply Hemp Cookies.

The recipes for chocolate chip cookies are all the same, some say not only liquefy but simmer the necessary butter until it glows nut brown, others add walnut pieces and much more.

I don’t want to impose on you which basic recipe to use. So I won’t. But I do recommend that you reduce the amount of conventional grain flour to be used by a maximum of 10% and supplement accordingly with organic hemp flour. Do not be alarmed, the prepared mass will have a soft olive-green touch, baked it will shimmer through, if at all, only very restrained. Why replace at most 10% of the conventional cereal flour with Herbalea’s organic hemp flour? I have made the experience that when a larger proportion of organic hemp flour is added, the consistency becomes comparatively more fluid and the baking behavior also changes in that the cookies become more wide and thus thinner. I also like to bake with conventional gluten-free flour, I find cookies more digestible that way, and I add a handful of psyllium or psyllium husks briefly soaked in a little warm water. That binds well again. I also do this with the cookies.

But not only that – I also mix a handful of organic peeled hemp seeds into the flour mixture, and stir in a decent handful of organic unpeeled hemp seeds into the finished mixture before placing the cookies on the baking sheet with a moistened spoon. When you modify recipes this way, the ratio of binding to liquid ingredients shifts, but they soon see if the mixture is actually getting too thick, and will surely have ideas on how to (carefully and restrainedly!) liquefy the mixture back to their liking. I prefer to have a thicker cookie mixture anyway, that way they don’t melt so quickly in the baking process, and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside is what we want after all. Ah, yes, a «sip» of the Spicy Organic Hemp Cooking Oil adds that little something extra to the cookies. Nuts to go with it? Not needed in my opinion! The hemp ingredients already give the cookies a very subtle nutty flavor. Scroll down a bit on the website of at product detail pages, you will find the sections with product description, special features, application, ingredients, storage and more.

Refrigerated and freshly enjoyed, your hemp cookies will earn a lot of applause, even one or a few days later (store the cookies dry in a suitable storage box), with the effect that the organic hemp seeds unpeeled crackle funny when you bite into them. You’ll have the praise on your side. Drop me a line in the comments section below to let me know if I’m right? I’d love to hear your feedback.

In “Feast with Hemp – Episode 4” I think I’ll be talking about making bread with hemp flour.

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