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Feast with hemp – Episode 4

In «Feast with Hemp – Episode 1» I noted why and with what intentions I write these posts like the following. In the «Feast with Hemp – Episode 2» I share with you, dear readers, my experiences with the hemp pasta as well as the Basil Organic Hemp Pesto or the Spicy Organic Hemp Pesto, and suggest you a salmon fillet – sandwich with aforementioned hemp spreads. So then in «Feast with Hemp – Episode 3» I pointed you to our Hemp Food Gift Basket (did you give yourself one, or maybe a Hemp Wellness Gift Basket?), and noted one of my favorite recipes with hemp, Chocolate Chips Cookies or better yet Hemp Cookies.

Come to think of it: pasta / salmon fillet / cookies … that already makes a decent holiday menu as a passable 3-course meal! Yes, the lightness is still missing, and also appetizers to accompany the aperitif.

Let me make a few suggestions:

Appetizer: bake yourself a crispy light bread with organic hemp flour, organic peeled hemp seeds and organic unpeeled hemp seeds. Slice the bread into not-too-thin slices, cube those slices into bite-sized squares, and either clack some Basil Organic Hemp Pesto and Spicy Organic Hemp Pesto onto the cubes alternately, or leave the spread to your guests and provide Basil Organic Hemp Pesto and Spicy Organic Hemp Pesto in small bowls with small spoons. The whole appetizer table can be expanded, let’s look at Sara and Dominic how they approach CBD parties: in small bowls fill from the hemp cooking oils available on Refreshing organic hemp cooking oil, Spicy organic hemp cooking oil and Pure organic hemp cooking oil, and ready is a slightly different dip for your bread cubes.

Ease: same procedure as described in the previous section, but either only or as a complement to the crunchy hemp bread, provide fresh organic raw vegetables cut into bite-sized pieces. While we’re at it: slide in a further appetite-stimulating intermediate course and later serve a salad, green or colored as you like. Where’s the equally healthy hemp? It’s in our organic hemp cooking oils, so create the salad dressing with those. Do you drive on the track of tomatoes & Co. then the Spicy organic hemp cooking oil harmonizes perfectly. If you are inclined to a more exotic salad, then the Refreshing Organic Hemp Cooking Oil is a good choice. For a classic down-to-earth salad, I recommend the Pure Organic Hemp Cooking Oil. I’m sure you’ve thought of this too: toast a handful of organic peeled hemp seeds either raw or briefly in a frying pan without fat, and sprinkle over the salad bouquet. Do you serve bread with your salad? So here we are again with the crispy light bread with organic hemp flour, organic hemp seeds peeled and organic hemp seeds unpeeled. All of this getting to be too much for you? Then skip the appetizer bread cubes. The hemp spreads have your appearance again with the pasta or the salmon fillet.

A few more words about the hemp bread! It doesn’t matter which bread recipe you want to use as a base. Stick to your favorite bread recipe, and dare to replace up to a maximum of 10% of the grain flour with the organic hemp flour. For the “why” and “wherefore” of the quantity limit, please refer to «Feast with Hemp – Episode 3» for my experiences with the hemp cookies. And yes, some like bread with grains, there we have ready for you at the organic hemp seeds peeled and organic hemp seeds unpeeled. If grains in bread are not your thing, leave out the organic peeled hemp seeds and organic unpeeled hemp seeds. Whereas, you could try the organic peeled hemp seeds, these provide more flavor than you actually notice when you bite into them.

I recommend that you order the hemp products of your choice from in good time before the holidays. Our distributor The Post is extremely reliable, but we all know how a package tsunami can happen before Christmas, especially during the present time! It would be more than unfortunate if, of all things, your parcel could unexpectedly not be delivered on time.

Next week I want to create order with the «Feast with Hemp – Episode 5» regarding a holiday menu, composed of the «Feast with Hemp – Episodes 1-4». This already on Wednesday, just so that you still have time to react. Possibly I still note a variant to the hemp pasta course. I am a little uncomfortable that I have described the dessert with the hemp cookies but not a classic Christmas Cookie recipe (supplemented with hemp products). I have never baked Guetzlis at all, whether I can experiment in this regard before this Christmas is rather doubtful. Maybe you can help me? Please write to me, you will find a comment box just below this article, or send me an email at [email protected].

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