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Feast with hemp – Episode 5

The following articles on the subject of hemp food from have been published so far:

  • «Feast with Hemp – Episode 1» deals with basic information about the form and content of this blog series and the recipes noted;
  • «Feast with Hemp – Episode 2» is dedicated to hemp pasta as well as the Basil Organic Hemp Pesto or the Spicy Organic Hemp Pesto, and a salmon fillet sandwich with the aforementioned hemp spreads;
  • «Feast with Hemp – Episode 3» introduces the Hemp Food Gift Basket, and Chocolate Chips Cookies or better Hemp Cookies;
  • «Feast with Hemp – Episode 4» is about possible variations of a multi-course holiday meal, incorporating organic hemp cooking oils, and a wonderful bread made with organic hemp flour, organic hulled hemp seeds, and organic unhulled hemp seeds.

So I would like to describe another variation to the hemp pasta with Basil Organic Hemp Pesto or Spicy Organic Hemp Pesto. Slice pecorino (full-fat hard cheese) into thin shavings (with a vegetable peeler or sharp knife) and set aside. Put on the pasta, be it organic hemp spaghetti, organic spelt hemp pasta, or organic hemp noodles, and cook quietly until al dente. Meanwhile, take tender beef cutlets, if meat then ideally from an organic pasture-raised beef, dust this with some organic hemp flour, and fry this briefly in a little Spicy organic hemp cooking oil. Be careful not to fry it too hot, as the good substances of this cooking oil suffer at 180°C or higher. If you like crispy meat, you should replace the Spicy organic hemp cooking oil with coconut fat or frying butter. Keep the meat warm (at 40°C).

Add washed and halved or crushed organic cherry tomatoes to the same frying pan, melt briefly, and then mix in the contents of a jar of Spicy Organic Hemp Pesto, just until well warm, but do not bring to a boil. Mix two to three ladles of the pasta cooking water into the mixture, drain the pasta and fold it into the mixture while it is still dripping. Now fold in the sliced beef and put it in the plates. Sprinkle the shaved pecorino on top, and now the plates come to the table. In my opinion, seasoning is not necessary, the fine spiciness comes from the Spicy Organic Hemp Pesto and the Pecorino adds the salt. And re-seasoning can always be done individually anyway, you surely have a salt mill and a pepper mill on the table.

If you like a vegetarian dish, you can substitute vegetables for the beef cutlet, which can be sautéed until al dente. I have not tried this yet, but will do so in the near future. Cauliflower, broccoli, romanesco, certain squash, beets, carrots, celery, green onions… let’s see which one is suitable individually or in combination for this type of dish. Do you have experience in this, and like to share, please write me in the comment box below, or email me at [email protected].

Hemp holiday menu

Aperitif with cubes of hemp bread and raw vegetable sticks.

Hemp pesto served as a dip and hemp cooking oils to dip with it


Crisp leaf salad with roasted hemp seeds unpeeled

Salad dressing refined with hemp cooking oil


Hemp pasta with beef cutlets or roasted vegetables

in a sauce with spicy hemp pesto and cherry tomatoes

and shaved pecorino


Salmon fillet sandwich with hemp pesto

mediterranean vegetables

basmati rice


Hemp cookies


Treat yourself to a Good Night organic hemp tea as a digestive. Why not serve a tea during the courses, for example a Happy Day organic hemp tea and/or a Feel Good organic hemp tea? You can get these teas at in packages with bags or as a tea blend.

To conclude this post, a “disclaimer”: whether the combination of these menu items would pass muster in front of an expert jury, I don’t know … and you’ll also be in the kitchen for more than 30 minutes. I’d be very happy to receive your feedback, in the comment box below, or by email at [email protected].

I wish you and your loved ones a reflective and peaceful holiday season in the best of health!

It would be a pleasure to have you as a reader again for “Feasting with Hemp – Episode 6”.

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