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Better sleep thanks to the Good Night organic hand tea

Your sleep quality is close to our heart

We at have made it our mission to enrich your everyday life with our hemp-based products. When it comes to a healthy, restful and soothing sleep, we recommend our Good Night Organic Hemp Tea – available in biodegradable pyramid bags or as a loose tea blend.

Due to its ingredients, Good Night Organic Hand Tea is perfect for those quiet evening hours during which we want to prepare for our restful sleep:

Lemon Verbena: The essential oils and flavonoids contained in lemon verbena are used in natural medicine for a variety of ailments. Among other things, they have muscle-relaxing, antioxidant and antipyretic effects. Scientific studies have also demonstrated a calming effect on the nervous system as well as the digestive tract. An Iranian study also demonstrated that tea extracted from lemon verbena has a calming effect on nervousness, stress and problems falling asleep.

Blackberry leaves: In naturopathy, blackberry leaves in particular are said to have an astringent effect. This means that the active ingredients in the leaves of blackberry contract tissues and blood vessels in the human body – a very desirable property, especially in cases of diarrhea and gastrointestinal disorders. The permanent stress to which we humans are often exposed in the 21st century – whether in our private lives or during work – often affects our digestive system. A disturbance of the digestive system in turn often leads to the fact that we can fall asleep badly and/or our sleep quality is lastingly reduced.

Hemp leaves: Hemp leaves are rich in vitamins and minerals. Among other things, they contain high levels of calcium, iron and magnesium. They perfectly complement the effect profile of blackberry leaves as well as lemon verbena.

We recommend that you infuse the Good Night Organic Hand Tea with hot water – the essential oils of the tea dissolve particularly well this way. To give your tea infusion that certain something, feel free to add a few drops of lime juice or a teaspoon of honey.

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