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Feast with hemp – Episode 7

Dear readers of “cread – All about cannabis”.

in the last posts “Feast with hemp” I have recorded my “Make it quick” – favorites with the hemp products from

At we make sure to produce and/or distribute vegan, BIO – certified food whenever possible. On the corresponding product pages such as organic hemp spaghetti you will find the corresponding information, in each case ordered from left to right: Product description / special features / application / ingredients / storage / sustainability / delivery / notes.

In the following, I will show you an excerpt of the information on sustainability using the example of organic hemp spaghetti from

Text zu Bio Hanfspaghetti

Have you read any of my previous posts? Then you might wonder why we offer exclusively vegan and certified organic food on the one hand, and on the other hand I rave about menu suggestions with fish and meat.

Well, I see myself neither as a moral preacher nor as a clean person. I am convinced that even someone who cannot or does not want to eat vegan or vegetarian food can take care of nature and all the flora and fauna it produces. I do it this way, sometimes very disciplined, sometimes less, but in total consistent and balanced. I confess, I don’t want to completely give up meat or fish as food, and this not only because I personally have always had to pay attention to sufficient vitamin B12 intake (there would be artificially produced food supplements as an alternative).

However, I am careful to bring only 1x meat and/or 1x fish per week on the plate. And, I only buy animal products from designated free-range or free-range husbandry, if possible with an organic label. And anyway I prefer local products, those with long transport routes or from countries of origin which are not so familiar to me I leave out. That’s how I do it in a restaurant, I look at the declarations of origin: in Switzerland I want Swiss meat, and otherwise I prefer a meal without meat.

Shopping under this premise is a bit more expensive, it’s true. But I easily compensate for that by only adding meat or fish to the menu once or twice a week, as I said.

In the Feasting with Hemp – Episode 5 post, I noted pretty much at the beginning of the article as an alternative menu with hemp pasta and Basil organic hemp pesto: “… For those who like a vegetarian dish, you can substitute vegetables that can be sautéed al dente for the beef cutlet …”.

That’s what we did the day before yesterday, substituting organic pasture-raised beef and also the organic cherry tomatoes with organic cauliflower and organic broccoli, and sprinkling grated organic Sbrinz on top instead of pecorino. Friends have already given me a square cast iron skillet with grooves some time ago. I am still thrilled with this pan! With no fat at all, just about anything can be prepared in it gently and crisply. The light roasted flavor of the halved florets of organic cauliflower and organic broccoli gave the dish a wonderful tasting touch, we didn’t miss the meat.

What are your thoughts on the issue of meat/fish consumption in light of efforts to think, act, and consume in a way that conserves resources and is sustainable?

Feel free to write me in the comment box below, or email me at [email protected].

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