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Feast with hemp – Episode 6

Dear readers of “cread – All about cannabis“,

how do you end the new year? Have you fiddled and tested as described in the previous posts (Feasting with Hemp – Episode 1 / Feasting with Hemp – Episode 2 / Feasting with Hemp – Episode 3 / Feasting with Hemp – Episode 4 / Feasting with Hemp – Episode 5)?

My wife and I were invited to a friends house for dinner a few days ago, and what did the hosts provide? Organic hemp spaghetti from with various sauces. What a joyful surprise! The chef of the house prepared a wonderful “à la Roberto modified” Bolognese, with, among other things, minced meat, vegetable onions, smoked garlic, basil-tomato mixture and fine spices. Smelled and tasted great.

While this was simmering away, we broke some bread to go with a fine white wine, and the Basil organic hemp pesto and Spicy organic hemp pesto were served as dips (along with truffle-flavored chips – which gives me ideas for a combination with hemp goods yet to be worked out). The younger of their two sons tasted and determined the Basil organic hemp pesto to be his favorite, and this despite not otherwise liking garlic. The Spicy Organic Hemp Pesto was a bit too sweet for him due to the sun-dried tomatoes, which make up 18% of the sauce.

But it was precisely this Spicy Organic Hemp Pesto that the chef, so let’s call him Roberto, took to expand the family sauce “à la Roberto”. He mixed in bravely, tasted, added some more, until a satisfied smile played around his face.

Besides, Roberto, in the manner of a sauce “aglio, olio e peperoncino”, let neat slices of smoked garlic golden brown in good olive oil, but without adding sliced peperoncini. Despite the guest’s hat on, I couldn’t resist mentioning that also offers hemp cooking oils, if nothing else, right? If you like a sauce of this type in principle, but peperoncini just aren’t his / her thing, you could use the Spicy Organic Hemp Cooking Oil instead of olive oil. Also to the bread I know a variant: Feast with hemp – Episode 4.

Roberto let the organic hemp spaghetti cook gently in the pot to drain it “al dente”. And despite all the care, they easily got past the cooking point. Pour off the hemp pasta rather a little too early than too late, they still cook a little.

At the table, we feasted, and combined fearlessly! The Bolognese “à la Roberto” enhanced with Spicy Organic Hemp Pesto received great applause, as did the Basil Organic Hemp Pesto and the Spicy Organic Hemp Pesto each on their own with the Organic Hemp Spaghetti. The attempt to add some Spicy Organic Hemp Pesto to the plate of spaghetti, in addition to the heated oil with roasted garlic, we all had to judge as a failure, it was really too much of a good thing; on the other hand, the Spicy Organic Hemp Cooking Oil would have certainly harmonized well. I’ll spare you describing all the other combinations, everything was really tried across the board. We all spent a fun evening as self-appointed hemp food tasting experts. Thank you Roberto and family!

I can only encourage you to do this or similar once! You can copy our Roberto, or prepare a basic sauce with shredded beef, cherry tomatoes and pecorino after Feasting with Hemp – Episode 5, or provide your very own favorite pasta sauce. Or you can do this not with pasta but other dishes with hemp products. The main thing is to involve your guests, perhaps from the very beginning of the cooking process.

Already clear, this approach is not a peculiarity of hemp foods, this can and is probably practiced with other ingredients. Unfortunately, hemp products still have a somewhat special reputation. Thus, this is an opportunity to clear up prejudices, and true to the slogan of “Everything good from cannabis” to convince more and more people of the taste benefits of hemp products. Maybe even yourself? A good resolution for the year 2022!

All of us at wish you a silky smooth start into the New Year!

(Here’s to “Feasting with Hemp – Episode 7”, in which I reflect on meat/fish consumption in light of our efforts to produce and/or distribute vegan, BIO – certified food).

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