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Cannabidiol and human hair

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The range of CBD-containing products available in Switzerland has been growing rapidly for some time, including in the cosmetics industry and, consequently, in the field of hair care products. But how exactly CBD could be helpful in the care of your hair and which products can be bought at the moment is explained by in the following article.

Cannabis for your hair
By using CBD oil in hair care, the scalp can absorb useful proteins, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids (omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9). Another positive aspect of treatment with CBD Oil is the fact that CBD Oil is moisturizing and can therefore be especially helpful for dry hair. It is also believed that CBD oil can reduce the formation of dandruff and skin irritations. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence that CBD oil has a supportive effect on hair loss.

CBD hair products – one category among many
Today, the cannabinoid CBD can be found in a wide variety of products offered for sale in retail stores.

Shortly after its legalization in 2016 throughout Switzerland, almost only CBD oils and extracts were offered for sale. Meanwhile, CBD pet food supplements or CBD products in the fields of wellness, body care and cosmetics can be found on the shelves of various smaller and larger stores. In addition, innumerable cannabis-produced or cannabis-refined foods are now available for purchase. These include cooking oils, spreads and various teas.

Recently, especially companies from the cosmetics and wellness industry have increasingly discovered the potential of and need for CBD products. As a result, the range of CBD care products has grown considerably. Meanwhile you will find a selection of hair care products in pharmacies and supermarkets – among others CBD oils, CBD shampoos and CBD conditioners. It should be noted that most of these CBD hair care products use a natural ingredient (often coconut oil or coconut water) as a base. The isolated CBD is then added to this.

Very briefly:
CBD hair care products and also the cannabinoid CBD in general are still being studied in detail in various scientific projects. For this reason, it is still not possible to make scientifically sound statements about the concrete benefits of CBD for human hair. Nevertheless, it can already be said that CBD oil can have a positive effect on hair. Hair care products currently exist mainly in the form of shampoos, conditioners or oils.

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